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Dave Gomez & Ann Brooks - Your Agents for Life


Why is GetGomezHomes is your Best Choice for Real Estate in the Seattle Area?

Most everyone has a job. Ours just happens to be in Real Estate. But in reality, our primary job is building relationships with people. When we do that, we can find them the perfect place to call home and help them get the highest price possible when selling. We are part counselors, part parents, part negotiators, part detectives. We are acutely aware that buying or selling a house will be the largest deal most people will ever make. There is a lot of emotion involved. A LOT of emotion. 

We hold open houses as often as possible. We love seeing the different styles, accessories, decorations. We are honored to be asked to help someone hand their beloved home off to a new family who will create new memories under this roof. I walk through the rooms trying to imagine what it's like to live in these spaces. What has transpired under this roof? How many skinned knees were kissed and bandaged on this countertop? Did someone shyly come down this staircase in their freshly ironed prom dress? Were fantastic dinner parties thrown here? It is all truly humbling.

So many kinds of people come through open houses: The neighbors down the street who always wanted to know what the inside of this house looked like. The folks who are hoping to be able to scrape enough money together to buy the home of their dreams. The weary couple who's looked at what feels like a million homes. The young family needing more bedrooms, now that their number is expanding. We love talking to them all--even the folks who have no designs on buying a house anytime soon.

In our profession, probably as in yours, there are wonderful people and some not so wonderful. We're on the side of doing what's right for our clients above all else. We are small business owners who help good people buy and sell homes. We are good Realtors. We take great care with all our clients. While our income is based on commission, we don't really care whether you want to spend $200,000 or $2 million dollars. You will get the same treatment from us no matter the size of the transaction: honesty, integrity and hard work to get you the best possible deal. We don't know anyone in our office who operates like those knuckleheads on TV--the agents who appear to care nothing about their clients and are pushing folks to buy expensive properties just to rake in more money. Those guys operate in a world that's NOTHING like the world in which we do business.

Dave and I have a little slogan on our cards which reads "Your Agents for Life." This is not a tag line we just stuck on our business cards without a lot of thought. Our promise to ourselves and to our clients is to always do the right thing. If we treated our clients poorly, we'd get no referrals and zero repeat business. Our very livelihood depends on referrals and repeat business! 

We make our living by building relationships with people. It is sometimes frustrating, usually rewarding, and always challenging. And we wouldn't change a thing. 

Please call us today and let us go to work for you. It would be our honor and our privilege.


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